Here at Moelgolomen we have always looked to farm in a sustainable way creating not only an environment where livestock can thrive but also one that is sympathetic to the environment. This is why we’ve been an organic farm since 1999 and why we’ve always been involved one way or another in environmental schemes.

We’ve also planted literally tens of thousands of trees in the last 20 or so years. Some in our area of ancient oak woodland which we stock excluded in the year 2000 and added to the original oaks upwards of 20,000 trees including welsh oak, scots pine, hazel, willow, sweat chestnut, holly, cherry and a number of other native tree species. Since we’ve fenced the area off we’ve seen other trees self-seed such as ash, rowan, beech and birch, to leave a rich and varied woodland teaming with life.

In addition to the woodland we’ve also planted a few miles of hedgerows round fields having double fenced areas to keep the livestock out. We now have these wildlife corridors linking large areas of the farm allowing animals to travel long distances without having to venture from the sanctuary of the hedge lines.

In 2012 our hydro scheme came online which meant for large periods of the winter (and more often than not most of the summer too) the farmhouse and all the sheds were powered by electricity generated on farm. As we feel so strongly about renewable technology we have subsequently switched our energy suppliers to a renewable energy company so even when we are enjoying a dry spell our carbon footprint is minimal.